1″ Black Motorcycle Mini Ape Hangers Handlebars

$115.00 $95.00


One Inch Z Style Mini Ape Hangers Black Powder Coated Handlebars . They Fit Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki , Harley and Kawasaki Motorcycles With 1″ Bars.

100% Brand New

These bars are 23-1/4″ wide, 8-3/4″ rise, and 6-1/2″ pullback. Center is 7-1/4″.


23-1/4″ Wide
8-3/4″ Rise
6 1/2″ Pullback
7-1/4″ Center Width
1″ Diameter

These bars will give your motorcycle a great new look. They ape hangers are not too tall and are very comfortable to ride with!

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