How To Stop Your Harley Davidson Ball Joint Mirrors From Coming Loose

How To Stop Your Harley Davidson Ball Joint Mirrors From Coming Loose

When I first purchased my Harley Sportster it came with some aftermarket mirrors that had terrible visibility. They were very small and they were forever coming loose.  About a year ago I decided to upgrade my mirrors for some Harley Davidson ball joint mirrors. The mirrors themselves are a lot bigger and I thought after buying these my mirror issues would be solved. At first they worked well however on one side the mirror started to come loose when I was riding.. It wasn’t too bad I just had to adjust it every now and then.. After a while however it got worse and every time I would ride over 50 miles per hour it would became completely loose and it was useless. Not long after this started to happen the other side started to come loose as well.. The first thing I tried was squirting adhesive glue into the back of the ball joint of the mirrors.. This worked temporarily however they started coming loose again after a couple of weeks.. Then one day I finally found the answer.. What I did was removed the mirror glass from the mirrors with a paint heat gun.. Now you have to be very careful when you do this as  you can break the mirror glass if it gets too hot. This actually happened to me with the first mirror. Just heat it up enough so that you can remove the mirror glass from the mirror… There should be a little glue on 3 different points which holds the mirror glass in place. Once you had removed the glass you should notice a clamp which is holding the ball joint / mirror stem in place. What you want to do is remove this clamp by undoing the screws. Below is a photo of this clamp..

Stop Harley Ball Joint Mirrors Coming Loose

Now that you have removed this clamp you want to remove the stem. Because the ball joint is so smooth I believe it becomes loose a lot easier. SO what I did was hit this ball joint with a hammer until the surface became very rough. After you have done this put the mirror back together and tighten the clamp until you are unable to move the mirror.. Just make sure you have the mirror set in the right place as you want be able to adjust it… This is a lot better than having a mirror that keeps coming loose all of the time.. Now to put the mirror glass back on simply heat up the points where the glue is and place your mirror back on and hold it in place for a little while. Another product we think is great for improving your visibility is these mirror risers on Amazon.


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Also check out our video below on how to fix Harley Ball Joint Mirrors that keep coming loose