The Top 3 Coolest Looking Ape Hangers For Your Harley Davidson 2017

Ape hangers are a great modification that you can do to your motorcycle to greatly improve the appearance. Many say that ape hangers are not comfortable to ride with however as long as you don’t go too tall then they should be fine. We recommend that you don’t go over shoulder height however this is a personal choice. It would be ideal if you could test ride or at least sit on a motorcycle with ape hangers already fitted to see how you like the feel of them before purchasing a set of your own..


  1. El Diablo Ape Hanger Handle Bars

here at Biker Gear Direct we believe these are one of the best looking set of bars on the market at the moment. They retail on Amazon for $129.00 which is very affordable and they come in various sizes and colors( Black / Chrome) The sizes these bars come in is 10″ , 12″ , 14″ and 16″ . We think the angle of these bars give them the perfect look and will suit most modern Harley Davidson and cruiser motorcycles. Another great thing about this product is that they have drilled wiring holes to give it a clean look. If you are interested in this product click HERE to purhase on Amazon.




2.XFMT Fat 16″  Black  1 1/4″ 1.25″Ape Hanger Bar Handlebar  fits  Harley-Davidson FLST FXST Sportster XL

The 2nd set of bars on the list is the XFMT bars. These bars also have a very cool look. They are square at the bottom and curved at the top which give them a very unique look. These bars range in price depending on the size you would like. Prices start at $99.99 which is very cheap. Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing this product on Amazon.

3.Wald 880 Hi-Rise

The third set of bars to make the list is the Wald 880 Hi-Ride bars. We personally think these bars look pretty cool and they are very affordable! At the moment they are on Amazon for only $16.00 which is ridiculous. These bars in particular give you a 10.5 inch rise which is great for those that don’t want to go too big. One downfall about these bars is that they do not seem to have holes for the wiring which can look quite ugly. If you are interested in these bars click HERE to purchase them on Amazon.



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