Harley Sportster Accutronix 6 Inch Extended Forward Controls Review

Accutronix 6 Inch Extended Forward Controls


So I purchased these Accutronix 6 Inch extended forward controls for my Harley Sportster around 2 years ago and it is the best modification I have done to my sportster yet. Being a taller rider it made the riding position so much more comfortable and stretched out. It is a perfect set up for a taller rider.. These extended forward controls cost me around 250-300USD . I purchased them from eBay and they took a couple of weeks to arrive. You can probably fit them yourself if you know what you are doing however I took mine to the mechanic and had them fitted and it wasn’t too expensive if I remember correctly.

So I definitely would recommend this product to those who feel like the standard forward controls aren’t cutting it. I am 6 ft 8 and I feel pretty comfortable now riding the Sportster. I have left an Amazon link below if you want to check this product out on Amazon.. Thanks for stopping by. If you are interested in purchasing this product you can purchase it HERE on Amazon.