Aliexpress / Amazon Harley Davidson Sportster Skull Gas Cap Review

I have been selling online here in New Zealand for the last few years and I purchased this product to test the market here. The problem with this product is that it didn’t always fit the motorcycles that it said it would. I would say 50% of the time it would fit and 50% of the time it wouldn’t fit. Maybe I just had bad luck or maybe it is cause people had after market gas tanks.  I put this product on my 2004 Harley Sportster to see if it was compatible and it was however it wasn’t facing the correct way when fully screwed in. It may be a good idea to go to a local shop to test this product out first before purchasing it online as there is nothing worse than receiving a product that doesn’t fit. As far as the quality goes I think it is pretty decent especially considering the price and I think this gas cap looks really good. It is made out of aluminum and there are a few different colors available.. You can get a black gas cap with red eyes, chrome with red or black eyes, gold etc. On Amazon it says that this skull gas cap will fit Harley Sportster motorcycles from 1996-2016 but as I said before that isn’t necessarily correct.

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