William Sam Crum The Man Who Swerved To Hit A Motorcycle Goes To Prison

William Crum Swerves To Hit Motorcycle


William Sam Crum, The man who swerved his car to hit a motorcycle in 2015 was sentenced to 15 years in prison.. The man was being illegally passed by a motorcycle on a road with double yellow lines and this is why the man swerved to hit the motorcycle rider.  After being struck by the car the man and his girlfriend who was riding on the back of the motorcycle crashed to the ground. The man was lucky to only receive minor injuries from the accident however his girlfriend was not so lucky and spent time in hospital in intensive care.

After the accident William Crum (The car driver) said he did not care that he he caused an accident and said that if the motorcycle rider was not breaking the law it wouldn’t have happened. Below is a video of the accident which was caught on camera by the friend of the motorcycle rider.

Below is an interview with William Crum on TV where Mr Crum refuses to apologize to the biker. In the interview Mr. Crum said that he was unhappy that the motorcycle rider had not been charged as he was breaking the law by passing on double yellow lines. He said again that if he was not breaking the law it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Below is the TV interview..