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O’Neal Rider Motocross Boots Review

O’Neal Rider Motocross Boots Review Motorcycle boots are very important when riding a motorcycle. Regular shoes simply don’t protect your feet and ankles the same way motorcycle boots do. These O’Neal rider boots are perfect for riding dirt bikes, ATV motorcycles, Trail bikes etc. These boots have a metal toe guard to protect your toes […]

How To Stop Your Harley Davidson Ball Joint Mirrors From Coming Loose

How To Stop Your Harley Davidson Ball Joint Mirrors From Coming Loose When I first purchased my Harley Sportster it came with some aftermarket mirrors that had terrible visibility. They were very small and they were forever coming loose.  About a year ago I decided to upgrade my mirrors for some Harley Davidson ball joint […]

Daimler Petroleum Reitwagen The World’s First Real Motorcycle

Daimler Petroleum Reitwagen The World’s First Real Motorcycle The Daimler Petroleum Reitwagen was first produced in Germany way back in 1885. Many consider this to be the first motorcycle ever produced. This motorcycle has a top speed of 11 kilometers per hour ( 6.8mph) and a whopping 0.5hp. As you can see in the video […]

The Top 3 Coolest Looking Ape Hangers For Your Harley Davidson 2017

Ape hangers are a great modification that you can do to your motorcycle to greatly improve the appearance. Many say that ape hangers are not comfortable to ride with however as long as you don’t go too tall then they should be fine. We recommend that you don’t go over shoulder height however this is […]

Harley Davidson Cowbell Skull Horn Cover Review

One way to make your Harley Davidson motorcycle look a lot cooler is to install a custom horn cover. I have always thought that this side of the engine on Harley Davidsons lacks something. This is not only a very cheap way to improve the look of your bike but it is a very simple […]

Aliexpress / Amazon Harley Davidson Sportster Skull Gas Cap Review

I have been selling online here in New Zealand for the last few years and I purchased this product to test the market here. The problem with this product is that it didn’t always fit the motorcycles that it said it would. I would say 50% of the time it would fit and 50% of […]

Harley Sportster Accutronix 6 Inch Extended Forward Controls Review

  So I purchased these Accutronix 6 Inch extended forward controls for my Harley Sportster around 2 years ago and it is the best modification I have done to my sportster yet. Being a taller rider it made the riding position so much more comfortable and stretched out. It is a perfect set up for […]

The 5 Top Rated Full Face Motorcycle Helmets 2017

here at Biker Gear Direct we know the importance of a good motorcycle helmet. A good motorcycle helmet must be comfortable, lightweight and of course Safe.. We recommend that you get a full face helmet as it protects your entire face and that is why we have put together this list of the top 5 rated […]

Motorcycle Rider Beheaded In Motorcycle Accident

A 27 year old Motorcycle rider recently lost his life in an extremely unlucky accident in San Bernardino.  The rider was riding his motorcycle around 9am on Tuesday morning when he rode into a wire that was stretched across the entire road.  Another vehicle had recently crashed into a telephone pole which cause the pole to […]