Top 5 Greatest Motorcycle Rides Of The World

Top 5 Greatest Motorcycle Rides Of The World

Stelvio Pass is located in Northern Italy in the province of Sondrio.
This road has an endless amount of hairpin corners making it a fun
road to ride a motorcycle on. At the highest point on this road
you are roughly 2700 meters above sea level. This road was also
selected as the greatest driving road in the world by the british television
show “Top Gear”.

Stelvio Pass Road

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The Atlantic ocean road is an 8.3 kilometer road that connects 8 small
islands with the mainland in Norway. The road is made up of 8 bridges
and 4 rest stops and lookouts. The road was constructed in 1989 and in
the beginning there was a road toll to pay for the cost of building the
road however the road was payed off by 1999 and the road toll was removed.
The road is very popular amoung motorcycle riders and tourists due to
the beatiful scenery however due to a great portion of the road passing
over the sea it is best to avoid this road during severe weather conditions.

Atlantic Ocean Road

The tail of the dragon..

The tail of the dragon is a mountain pass road which runs from
North Carolina into Tennesse. This road is very popular with
motorcycle riders due to having 318 curves in only 18 kilometers of
road. Many riders like to ride this road to see how fast they
can make the journey. This road has featured in films such as
Thunder road and the fugitive.

The Tail Of The Dragon

Gotthard Pass , sSwitzerland

Gotthard Pass is a mountain pass road which connects the
North and South of Switzerland together. The road is full
twisties, great scenery, tunnels and bridges… One of the
tunnels called “The Gotthard Road Tunnel” Lasts for 12 kilometers.

Gotthard Pass

furka pass Switzerland

The Furka Pass is another great road for riding motorcycles. The Furka pass
passes over the Swiss Alps in Switzerland reaching an elevation of 2500 meters.
With miles and miles of twisties and great scenery this road is perfect for motorcycle riders.
The Furka pass is usually closed during the winter time due to snow.

Furka Pass Road

Below is a video of the top 5 greatest motorcycle rides of the world.