How To Join A 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Club

how to join an outlaw motorcycle club

How To Join A 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Club

Joining an outlaw motorcycle club is a very long process.
The first step to joining an outlaw motorcycle club is to become a hang around.
This simply means hanging around the club. Going on rides and maybe attending parties
at the club house etc. This gives the members a chance to get to know you.
If the members like you and believe you will be devoted to the club they may invite you to
prospect. Sometimes the process of being a hang around can last a few years.
It usually starts out by a patched member inviting you to attend a club function such as a
party or a ride.

When the patched members decide that you are ready to prospect for the club you will
be invited to prospect and at this time you will usually recieve a bottom rocker which usually
states the area or chapter you are representing. To become a prospect you will need a motorcycle
and not just any motorcycle usually a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The type of motorcycles
accepted usually depends on the club but in all 1% clubs japanese motorcycles are forbidden.

When you are a prospect you are expected to attend most club events such as poker runs,
club parties and some meetings etc. At these events you will usually have to do jobs such as stand out
the front of the pub and protect the motorcycles, cook the food at the parties, clean up after
the parties etc. The prospecting period is where one needs to prove their loyalty to the club.
This period can be as little as 6 months but can last for a couple of years. Some people
may never get their patch.

At some point the club may decide to give you your full patch and this is when you become
a life time member. Becoming a member of an outlaw motorcycle club is a life time commitment.